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  •    #US: #Tillerson Out Amid Clashes with #Trump, To Be Replaced by #CIA Director #Pompeo
  •    #Lavrov: #Russia Won't Respond to #UK Ultimatum Until Samples of Alleged #ChemicalWeapons Received
  •    Explosion heard after #Palestinian prime minister's convoy enters #Gaza
  •    #Russia vows response in case its military in #Syria threatened as the #US considers anti-#Damascus military action
  •    At least 27 killed in #Kathmandu plane crash
  •    #Syrian Army Finds #Chemical Weapons' Workshop in East #Ghouta
  •    Imam #Khamenei: #Iran Won't Talk to #US, Extra-Regional States on Its Regional Role
  •    #Russia MoD: Eastern #Ghouta Militants Ready to Leave with Families
  •    Alaeddin #Boroujerdi: "#Israel" Has to Know That the Time of its Attacks on #Syria has Gone
  •    #Syria: #Humanitarian aid convoy starts entering Damascus #EasternGhouta
  •    #Telegram App Users in #Europe, #MENA Experience Connection Issues
  •    #Israeli Settlers Strom Al-#Aqsa's #MoroccanGate
  •    #Egypt: 9 Killed in Road #Accident in #Cairo
  •    Explosion Reportedly Hits Army HQ in #BurkinaFaso, Not Far From #French Embassy
  •    "#Israeli" police investigators arrive at #Netanyahu's residence to question him
  •    #Kabul: Car Bomb Blast Hits Convoy Carrying Foreign Troops, at least 1 Killed, 4 Injured
  •    The #Turkish army and the so-called "Free Syrian Army" targeted a convoy of humanitarian aid heading to the #Afrin area in the village of Maryamin
  •    #Syrian terrorists continue to prevent civilians from leaving the safe humanitarian corridor at al-Wafedeen camp for the 3rd day
  •    Occupied #Palestine: Al-Magahreba gate [Moroccan Gate] was closed in the Holy #AlAqsa Mosque after 139 settlers stormed the Holy place
  •    "#Israeli" intelligence prevents the #Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Minister of Education from reaching the Old #AlQuds City
  •    ’#Israeli’ warplanes violated the #Lebanese airspace at low altitude
  •    4 People Confirmed Dead in #Leicester Explosion - Police
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah: There is today a conspiracy against the #Resistance after the failure of the #American scheme and its tools in the region and the defeat of #Daesh
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah: If “Israel” today has nothing to fear, it would have taken our oil pipelines, Block 9 and the #Lebanese oil rights
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah: #Tillerson came to say that there is a problem in #Lebanon that is #Hezbollah and the weapon of #Resistance must be resolved
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah: When we entered the 1992 elections, we implemented Sayyed Abbas al-#Moussawi’s will to defend the #Resistance by preventing conspiracy against it
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah: The great harvest that we have reached at the level of #Lebanon has costed us dear blood and it is our responsibility to keep it strong
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah: When they meet at the #Saudi embassy and talk about setting up regulations and paying money, it means that the work on our regions has begun
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah calls for a full review of what #Hezbollah provided to #Baalbek-#Hermel since 1982 until today on the moral, security, national, regional, cultural, social and service levels
  •    Sayyed #Nasrallah: We must spare no effort to get the largest electoral outcome so that our candidates reach #Parliament

A propaganda video released by an outlet affiliated with the Hezbollah terror group threatens missile strikes on nine highly sensitive chemical and nuclear sites in Israel.

The video published by the al-Ahed news website comes on the heels of increased saber-rattling by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatening to strike Israel’s nuclear reactor in the southern city of Dimona and an ammonia storage tank in the northern city of Haifa.

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The video, published on February 22, not only lists the nine sites and shows satellite images of the locations, but in some instances adds information such as how many people work there, how many buildings it’s comprised of and what dangerous materials are being handled in it.

The video begins with what appears to be Russian S-300 missiles being fired and striking the Dimona nuclear reactor and the sound of alarms.

Screen capture of Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah during an interview with Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency, February 20, 2017. (screen capture: IRANIANTVCHANNEL/YouTube)

The video also lists other sites, including the Nahal Sorek desalination plant in central Israel, and the Kishon chemical plant located near Haifa.

Other locations included are nuclear weapons research sites for the Israeli arms developer Raphael, and sites where the Israeli military is allegedly storing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

While Israeli believes Hezbollah has a large weapons arsenal, with rockets that can strike much of the country, the terror group is not known to posses S-300 missiles. Several Israeli airstrikes in Syria have reportedly been carried out to thwart transfers of advanced weapons to the group.

Earlier this week, a court ruled that an ammonia storage tank in Haifa must be emptied out and moved, partially in response to a report that found a missile strike on the site could kill tens of thousands of people.

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