Aqa Pe Coursework Examples

This guide will help you approach the analysis and evaluation sections of our new AS and A–level Physical Education specifications (7581 and 7582).

Analysis of performance

Weaknesses must:

  • link to the core skills at AS
  • be from area of assessment 1
  • be from a competitive context.

Otherwise, zero marks will be awarded for the analysis section.

Where co–teaching takes place, students should not include aspects that aren’t included in the AS specification.

Student is able to identify and explain weakness(es), illustrating their level of awareness:

  • a number of weaknesses (from competitive context) in Area of Assessment 1 are identified
  • number of weaknesses (from competitive context) are discussed in relation to impact on own/others’ performance
  • main weakness (from competitive context) is selected with justification.

Demonstration of depth and/or breadth of analysis when analysing weaknesses. Highlighting the effect of prominent technical errors upon overall skill execution and performance.

Main weakness is analysed in relation to the desired outcome. This may be a comparison to either an elite performer or technical model.

Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the differenttechniques used in the analysis.

Number of weaknesses (from competitive context) are discussed in relation to impact on own or others’ performance.

Student uses appropriate and correct technical terminology consistently.

Evaluation of performance

Evaluation must include aspects that are only included in the AS specification. Otherwise, zero marks will be awarded for the evaluation section.

Demonstrate depth of knowledge of relevant theoretical causes and corrections in line with the specification requirements for that topic :

  • for the main weakness (from competitive context), a range of causes are discussed in relation to the performance/performer
  • justification of the main cause in weakness in performance.

The cause(s) are developed and directly linked back to the weakness(es) with adetailed explanation.

The main cause is identified and the main weakness in performance is fully explained.

Relevant corrective measures for weaknesses are identified and linked back to thecause(s) using theory from the specification:

  • a range of corrective practices are discussed for the main weakness
  • the most appropriate is selected with justification
  • description of how the corrective measure would be undertaken
  • the expected outcome of the practice is explained including the impact on future performances.

Use of technical and theoretical language throughout this section of work.

Where theories are used, they are appropriately identified and correct terminology included.

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