Thesis Statement For The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

A thesis statement is a sentence expressing the central claim of your paper. The problem here is not that you are struggling to formulate a thesis "statement" but rather that you haven't yet developed a thesis to be stated. A thesis is a point that you are arguing. Since Brutus is widely acknowledged to be the tragic hero of Julius Caesar, it does not need to be argued; you should look for a thesis which would either need to be supported or which which illuminate some new aspect of the play for a reader. 

The reason the Brutus is widely acknowledge to be the hero of the play is twofold. First, there is no one else who fits the role. Caesar dies early, Mark Antony and Octavian are the antagonists, and Cassius is a morally dubious character. 

Brutus himself has the standard characteristics of the tragic hero as described in Aristotle's Poetics. He is of noble background and character, he has moral stature, and he is engaged in actions of a certain greatness or seriousness. His major flaw is that he does not realize the duplicity of others readily and is perhaps too wedded to an uncompromising ideology, not realizing that Caesar's death would fail to restore the Republic. Because of his strength of moral character, we feel fear and pity at his downfall.

A possible thesis about Brutus might be that "the way that Brutus' participation in assassination of Caesar leads to his replacement by an even more authoritarian dictator shows that an ethical system focused on desired outcomes leads to morally questionable acts with unintended consequences."

I have to write an essay for Julius Caesar for Act II specifically about "What kind of relationships do Calpurnia and Portia have with their husbands? What do their relationships with their husbands reveal about Brutus and Caesar? How are both Portia and Calpurnia alike and different?"

Here is what I wrote for my intro to break it down into
- Relationship between Caesar + Calpurnia and what it reveals about Caesar
- Relationship between Brutus + Portia and what it reveals about Caesar
- How Calpurnia and Portia are different/alike as wives.

My intro:

William Shakesphere, author of the classic tragedy Julius Caesar, chose to show the wives of both Brutus and Caesar, two powerful and well-respected noblemen, in Act II of his play. After revealing the public sector of the two men’s lives in Act I, Shakesphere felt it necessary to include the private affairs of both Brutus and Caesar in Act II. In Act II of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare contrasts the typical Roman marital relationship between Caesar and his wife, Calpurnia, with the unusual equalistic relationship between Brutus and Portia, while making apparent the differences and similarities between the two women as wives and revealing the true personalities of Brutus and Caesar.

Is the sentence structure ok? Do I get accross what I am going to talk about or is it too specific/too vague. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!


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