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What Is Really an IQ?

IQ is “intelligence quotient”, the result of a psychological test where a score of 95- 100 is considered average or normal intelligence. Now, by common sense, a score much higher than an average mark, say 140, is extraordinary intelligence, a genius while score way below 95 is stupid.


People often admire a person with above average IQ because they are more intelligent than others are. Study of people with high IQ scores suggests that they have a better visual perception or the ability to see small things clearly by blocking out distraction. They are also more liberal, less likely to be criminal, conservative in their emotions, adaptable to change, and talk with clarity and precision.

How IQ Test Works?

Let us explore the rudiments of the IQ Test and find out if people with high IQ scores are better in some aspect. The reason for setting the average score to 100 is “standardization”. In practice, since IQ Test is often administered in a group, 100 is not necessarily the average but rather a level by which each person’s score will be compared to get the normal distribution in a particular representative sample.

The IQ Test measures “Crystallized and Fluid intelligence”. The term “Crystallized” means cumulative knowledge and skills while “Fluid” means reasoning, problem-solving, and abstract appreciation skills.

Is IQ Stable When Under Pressure?

Therefore, other human qualities such as talent, curiosity, perseverance, and hard work have no value. Moreover, the oldest person in the representative sample will score higher as crystallized intelligence is cumulative or the sum of all knowledge and skills learned through the years.

According to the psychologists, IQ scores are only indicators of problem solving and reasoning and therefore do not represent a person’s overall intelligence and success in later life. IQ score is dependent on the physical and psychological condition of the person being tested thus a sick or depressed person is likely to score lower. A person with high IQ taking a #MouseTrapSpellingBee will like falter due to pressure and anxiety over the painful penalty when he makes a spelling mistake. Moreover, a person with high IQ is likely to excel in some aspect of life and therefore not all including a successful life.

High IQ and Academic Success

What happens if a person has an IQ of 5000? Scores above 200 are an incalculable genius or profoundly gifted. Therefore, a score of 5000 may be godly but no term is available. The question, however, is people scoring 140 (Genius) or above often succeeds in academics and more successful?

High IQ is not a guarantee of success but it is a predictor of academic success. The study shows that students with IQ score within the genius level are more adaptable, healthier, stronger, and academically successful but only a few were successful in life. Those with IQs beyond genius level are highly intelligent but socially inept, mentally unstable, and not prosperous.

It’s not a secret that a lot of well-known scientists, artists and politicians have a really high IQ level.

They were and are still famous. But did they consider themselves successful in life? Nobody knows. What we do know is that these high IQ people had a real academic success. But is that all for academic success? Not at all! Psychologist Lewis Terman proved that high IQ level is not enough for academic success. Such personal traits as willpower, creativity, persistence, and emotional maturity are the ones which really play an important role in being successful!


Crystallized and Fluid intelligence are strong predictors of achievement but people with greater Fluid intelligence or reasoning, problem-solving, abstract comprehension has much better chance of academic success. Similarly, high IQ does not guarantee life success as this kind of achievement need more than knowledge and skills, reasoning, and others. It needs hard work, resilience, perseverance, talent, and emotional intelligence.

Essay/Term paper: Why iq tests don't test intelligence

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The task of trying to quantify a person"s intelligence has been a goal
of psychologists since before the beginning of this century. The
Binet-Simon scales were first proposed in 1905 in Paris, France and
various sorts of tests have been evolving ever since. One of the
important questions that always comes up regarding these tools is what
are the tests really measuring? Are they measuring a person"s
intelligence? Their ability to perform well on standardized tests? Or
just some arbitrary quantity of the person"s IQ? When examining the
situations around which these tests are given and the content of the
tests themselves, it becomes apparent that however useful the tests may
be for standardizing a group"s intellectual ability, they are not a good
indicator of intelligence.

To issue a truly standardized test, the testing environment should be
the same for everyone involved. If anything has been learned from the
psychology of perception, it is clear that a person"s environment has a
great deal to do with their cognitive abilities. Is the light
flickering? Is the paint on the walls an unsettling shade? Is the
temperature too hot or too cold? Is the chair uncomfortable? Or in the
worst case, do they have an illness that day? To test a person"s mind,
it is necessary to utilize their body in the process. If everyone"s
body is placed in different conditions during the testing, how is it
expected to get standardized results across all the subjects? Because
of this assumption that everyone will perform equally independent of
their environment, intelligence test scores are skewed and cannot be
viewed as standardized, and definitely not as an example of a person"s

It is obvious that a person"s intelligence stems from a variety of
traits. A few of these that are often tested are reading comprehension,
vocabulary, and spatial relations. But this is not all that goes into
it. What about physical intelligence, conversational intelligence,
social intelligence, survival intelligence, and the slew of others that
go into everyday life? Why are these important traits not figured into
intelligence tests? Granted, normal standardized tests certainly get
predictable results where academics are concerned, but they should not
be considered good indicators of general intelligence because of the
glaring omissions they make in the testing process. To really gauge a
person"s intelligence, it would be necessary to put them through a
rigorous set of real-life trials and document their performance.
Otherwise the standardized IQ tests of today are testing an extremely
limited quality of a person"s character that can hardly be referred to
as intelligence.

For the sake of brevity, I will quickly mention a few other common
criticisms of modern IQ tests. They have no way to compensate for
cultural differences. People use different methods to solve problems.
People"s reading strategies differ. Speed is not always the best way to
tackle a problem. There is often too much emphasis placed on
vocabulary. Each of these points warrants individual treatment, and for
more information refer to The Triarchic Mind by RJ Sternberg (Penguin
Books, 1988, p18-36).

It is possible to classify all the reasons that IQ tests fail at their
task into two main groups. The first grouping is where the tests assume
too much. Examples of this flaw are the assumption that speed is always
good, vocabulary is a good indicator of intelligence, and that different
test taking environments won"t affect the outcome. The second grouping
comes because the tests gauge the wrong items. Examples of this are
different culture groups being asked to take the same tests as everyone
else, and the fact that the tests ignore so many types of intelligence
(like physical, social, etc). These two groupings illustrate where the
major failings of popular IQ tests occur and can be used as tools for
judging others.

IQ tests are not good indicators for a person"s overall intelligence,
but as their use has shown, they are extremely helpful in making
predictions about how a person will perform in an academic setting.
Perhaps the problem comes in the name intelligence tests when it is
obvious this is not what they really are. The modern IQ test definitely
has its applications in today"s society but should be be used to
quantify a person"s overall intelligence by any means. 

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