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You may know Thembi from her younger days in the local kwaito group Boom Shaka where she was a member along with Junior Sokhela, the late Lebo Mathosa and Theo Nhlengethwa. Boy has she come a long way since those good old days! We love how she remains relevant in the ferocious entertainment industry even after all these years. We can’t get over Thembi’s energy, staying power, positive vibes and her work ethic. To top it off, we suspect that Thembi has the secret to the fountain of youth – her beauty is timeless, and should be illegal.

We were recently lucky to meet up with Miss Seete for a real up close and personal catch up.

Who is the real Thembi. What is she all about?

The real Thembi Seete was born in Soweto. I come from a strict but very humble upbringing. I was raised by strong women who instilled all the Basotho values in me. They taught me how a woman should act, and how to take care of myself and my family. I have consistently taught myself how to survive. Love to sing, dance, act and work hard. I am an Aries so I am very energetic, daring and active, but I also tend to be impatient and proud.

The untold story of Thembi Seete. What does that look like? Are there some things that you feel you need to share, clarify and open up about publicly?

There is one incident that I have never personally addressed publicly that I would like to do so now. Last year I was surrounded with so much drama over my single “Thuntsha Lerole”, which I purchased from the writer and producer Tibi. Shortly after it hit the airwaves the artist who he had worked on the track with went to the media and accused me of stealing her song. I have never entertained any drama throughout my career so I backed away and distanced myself from the song and let my reputation speak for itself.

How have you managed to keep it real and stay relevant in an industry that is considered to be cut throat and ruthless?

I am always willing to learn new things. I keep an open mind to accept the changes in the industry and move with the trends. I am a team player so I always learn from people around me. Always remain positive. I use social media, which helps keep my fans updated on everything, but it also keeps me in the loop on what is hot and trendy.
People: Do you have any close bosom buddies in the entertainment industry? If so, who are they?
Thembi Seete: I keep a very small circle in my life I am quite Close to Terry Pheto, Mbali Nkosi, Sharon Khuzwayo and my family.

What does your daily beauty routine look like?

I cleanse my skin every morning. I make sure that I use a lot of serum, mild cleanser and moisturiser to keep it fresh. I always have sunscreen on thoughout the year, because apart from protecting you from the sun it also keeps your face moisturised. I drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated. I also make sure not to wear make up every day and on the days when I do, I make sure I go through my whole morning routine to clean my face before bed, which ensures that I wake up looking good.

How do you stay in shape?

I go to gym and train as often as I can with my waist trainer. If I can’t get to the gym I like to walk just to keep active. I eat healthy – lots of fruits and vegetables. I try to stick to grilled meals and stay away from starch. I drink a lot of water and take vitamins; Omega 33 is great for women. Lastly I make sure that I keep the things I like in my house like chocolate so that if I want the treat I can have some instead of depriving myself and then binging when I get it.

What is your secret to staying youthful and ageless?

I vowed to never give up on my inner child. I am very playful at heart and I love joking around and laughing. I am very comfortable in my skin. I will never start acting and looking a certain way just because that’s what society expects from someone my age.

Do you have any regrets?

I don’t have any regrets, I have lessons learnt. Everything I have gone through has made me stronger and moulded me into the woman I am today.

Have you overcome challenges or conquered fears that nobody knows about?

I have faced a lot of challenges within the industry because things do not always work out as planned. This Industry is tough so you constantly need to be at the top of your game because we are all easily replaceable and nothing lasts forever. I am constantly working hard to make sure my future is taken care off. Nothing in this life is guaranteed.

Congrats on your new gig – Please Call Me. Please tell all about it.

Thank you so much. My latest project is the show Please Call Mewhich is a live show that airs on Mzansi Magic every Saturday at 6pm. The show allows fans to send please call me’s to the number 060 473 6260 then we call them back and they request their favourite song and make a live dedication to their family and friends. The show now also has a Top 5 chart which counts down during the show, We also have a celeb of the week. I love the show because it lets me communicate directly with the fans. Fans can also communicate with us by using the #Pleasecallme on social media and their messages will be displayed on a strip on the screen.

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Thembi Seete is a South African Kwaito Star, Actress and Television Personality.

Television Roles:

  • Played a minor role in the feature film Hijack Stories (2000)
  • Played Hazel, on SABC 1’s Yizo Yizo where she also sang the soundtrack to Yizo Yizo 2, which helped launch her solo music career
  • Played Lerato in the first two seasons of the SABC1 drama series Gaz'lam, and also made final guest appearance in the show's third season premiere (2002-2004, appearance in 2005)
  • Played Pumla in the South African made-for-TV movie Crossing the Line, written and directed by Brian Tilley (2005)
  • Played Nina Moloi in the SABC1 soccer drama series Zone 14 (2006-2010) Guest starred as Lily, a young Kwaito legend making a comeback who is brutally murdered, in an episode of the SABC1 drama series (2006)
  • Presented the SABC1 music dance show Jika Majika (2006-2013) Celebrity choir master in Clash of the Choirs (2013) Host of the dating game show Nguwe Na (2013-present)


Background: Thembi Seete always knew she had something inside of her that she wanted to share with everyone. She entered dance competitions while growing up in the Vaal before she hit the big time in Jozi when she joined the group Boom Shaka. She also comes from a musical family; Her brother, Moagi Seete is a National School of the Arts graduate who also co-wrote ‘FREE’, which was a huge hit across the country. Thembi launched her upmarket studio, Thembi Seete Productions, where all artists are welcome to utilise the facilities and create magic. She has since released her latest single titled 'Thuntsa Lerole' which has been getting heavy air play. She is best known for being one of the members of the Kwaito group Boom Shaka.


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