Alan Terry Dissertation Examples

Alan Terry is a Senior Lecturer in Geography in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at The University of the West of England, Bristol. He lectures on a range of topics including resource management, development issues in the global south, especially pertaining to rural development, globalisation processes and research methodologies.

Alan’s Ph.D. was concerned with the mismanagement of communal resources in Mid-Wales and the management of communal resources has been a continuing theme within his research. In addition, he is interested in processes of globalisation as they impact on rural communities within the global south, especially southern Africa and has particular interests in the management of shared resources, especially land and water and in turn how this affects food security.

Alan has also worked on indicators of sustainability, especially those which are selected by impoverished communities. He has worked extensively with government agencies, NGOs, community groups and farmers co-operatives within the global south. In addition he has in the past been Director of the Prince of Wales Welsh Centre for Environmental Education and was the Welsh representative on the Environmental Education Council.

As part of this project, Alan is leading the research on African water community engagement research, under the Urban Water Security strand.

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Alan Blair
"Super Sonics: Audio Technologies and American Culture in a New Millennium"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Kate Boudreau
"You're Too Smart for That! Federal Education Legislation and the Changing Image of the Public High School Teacher in American Culture and Society, 1944–2001"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker 

Adam W. Kloppe
"Orientalism in U.S. Children's Culture, 1898–1989"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Mark A. Koschmann
"Religion in the Midst of Change and Urban Upheaval on Chicago's Near West Side, 1945–1970"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Susan Lee
"Nationalizing the Frontier: The American Western's Impact on Twentieth-Century Gauchesque Literature and Film"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Eva Navarijo
"Building (Bay) Bridges: A History of Pan-ethnic Student Activism and the Third World Liberation Front in the California Bay Area, 1968–1999"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Nicholas Porter
"The Significance and Symbolism of Wrestling in and across the American Cultural Landscape, 1877–1920"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Anna E. Schmidt
"American Poetry as a Transcultural Spiritual Practice, 1960–Present"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski

Karen Smyth
"The Errand of Angels: Feminism, Gender, and Sexuality in the Mormon Church, 1978–2014"
Advisor: Kate Moran

Cathryn Stout
"A Mighty Hard Row: Racism and Resistance in the Postwar British Caribbean and U.S. South"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


Sabrina Davis
"Adapting Identity: Jewish American Narratives from the Page to the Screen"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Trevin J. Jones
"African American Prison Writers: Masculinity, Identity, and Spirituality"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Melissa Ford
"A Bible in One Hand, a Brick in the Other: African American Working Women and Midwestern Black Radicalism during the Great Depression, 1929–1935"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Lou W. Robinson
"White Women, Race, and Rape: Narratives of Mob Violence in the Midwest, 1880–1930"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Maurice Tracy
"Seeing Unseeable Things: Blackness, Queerness, and Homonormativity in U.S. Popular Culture, 1989–2016"
Advisor: Emily Lutenski


Brandy C. Boyd
"'Keep Your Chin Up and Your Skirt Down': Female Country Artists' Struggles for Respectability within the Nashville Music Industry, 1952–Present"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker

Nicole Haggard
"Race, Sex, and Hollywood: The Illicit Representation of the Black Man–White Woman Pair in American Cinema"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone

Laura A. Shields
"Fighting for Animal Rights: A U.S. History, 1900–1996"
Advisor: Cindy Ott

Corinne Mary Wohlford
"Putting Government in Its Place: Cultural Racism, Sentiment, and Neoliberalism in Contemporary U.S. Responses to Natural Disasters Abroad"
Advisor: Heidi Ardizzone


Brian W. Greening
"Representing New Orleans: Race, Space, and the Spectacle of Progress in the Crescent City since 1965"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker

Rebecca Preiss Odom
"Negotiating Hyphenated Identities: Transnational Identity Formation of the German-American Residents of St. Charles, Missouri, during World War I"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini 


Alexander Bayard Clark, III
"Forgotten Eyewitnesses: English Women Travel Writers and the Economic Development of America's Antebellum West"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Jaclyn H. Kirouac-Fram
"'Yellow Rolling Cell Blocks': The Urban Bus and Race in the United States"
Advisor: Benjamin Looker 


Robert L. Hawkins, IV
"Natural Born Ease Man?: Work, Masculinity, and the Itinerant Black Musician"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith
Winner of the 2011 ASA Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize

Joshua M. Roiland
"Engaging the Public: Toward a Political Theory of Literary Journalism"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Jody L. Sowell
"Divided Discourse: The Kerner Report & Stories of Separate and Unequal"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Jamie Schmidt Wagman
"Our Pill, Ourselves: American Anxieties Surrounding Oral Contraception, 1956–2000"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini  


Robert Pittman
"The St. Louis Movement in Education: Public Education Reform in the Gilded Age"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

David J. Suwalsky
"'North of Yankee Country': Antebellus Kansas and the Missourians of the Platte Purchase County"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Gregory F. Taylor
"Picturing the Enemy: The Use of Visual Metaphors in Photography of the Japanese American Immigrant"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop


Richard D. Marshall
"'The Grapes of Wrath': John Steinbeck's Cognitive Landscapes as Commentary on 1930s Industrialization"
Advisor: Cindy Ott


Henry T. Brownlee
"Keeping Their Memory Green: The Pleasant Green Baptist Church in St. Louis, 1866–1950"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Angela K. Dietz
"Spectacles of Labor: Visualizing a Nation at Work, 1850–1920"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Robin A. Hanson
"The National Cemetery: Race and Sectional Reconciliation in a Contested Landscape"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Patricia Checkett Rooney
"Re-presenting WWII, Reviving Neo-classicism, Reaffirming Super Power in a Post–9/11 Era: The Anomalous 2004 American National World War II Memorial"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Elizabeth Schroeder
"The Chicago Black Renaissance: Exercises in Aesthetic Ideology and Cultural Geography in Bronzeville, 1932–1945"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

Alicja K. Syska
"Eastern Europe in the Making of American National Identity"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


Kimberly M. Curtis
"Black Consciousness is the Cornerstone of Liberation: The Black Arts Movement in African American Literature and Visual Culture, 1966–1976"
Advisor: Shawn Michelle Smith

Sharon E. Grimes
"Women in the Studios of Men: Gender, Architectural Practice, and the Careers of Sophia Hayden Bennett and Marion Mahony Griffin, 1870–1960"
Advisor: Joseph Heathcott

John Hensley
"Dreadful People: Historical Representations of Ozark Folks"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Diana F. Pascoe-Chavez
"Pragmatism and the Frontier Narrative in 'It Is': A Magazine for Abstract Art"
Advisor: Joseph Heathcott

Charles (Rob) Wilson
"The Disease of Fear and the Fear of Disease: Cholera and Yellow Fever in the Mississippi Valley"
Advisor: Candy Brown

Ying Ye
"Black Initiative in Black Education prior to and during the Civil War"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


John I. Kille
"Re-mediating Racial History: Representations and Interpretations of the Amistad Incident (1839–1842) in the 20th Century Texts"
Advisor: Jonathan C. Smith

David R. McFarland
"Virtuous Yeoman or Ignorant Farmer? Rhetorical Ambivalence in the Illinois Agrarian Reform Movement 1840–1860"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Jennifer A. Price
"Middling Desires: P.T. Barnum and the Visual Culture of the American Middle Class, 1840–1865"
Advisor: Shawn Michelle Smith


Rhonda J. Armstrong
"Rural Women and Cultural Conflict in Contemporary American Literature"
Advisor: Shawn Michelle Smith

Valerie Padilla Carroll
"Re-presenting and Representing on Girl Power TV: Examining Portrayals of Resistance and Domination from Dark Angel, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Advisor: Kathryn Kuhn

Teresa B. Holden
"'Earnest Women Can Do Anything': The Public Career of Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, 1842–1904"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Kristine R. Smith
"Following Buster Brown's Footsteps: Leading Families into the Middle-Class Consumer Society"
Advisor: Joseph Heathcott

Burton St. John III
"The Trail of Tension Between Public Relations and Journalism: The Unfinished Business About Using Propaganda to Move Crowds"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini


Stephen A. Gibson
"How Green is Hollywood? Nature and Environmentalism in American Cinema, 1970–2002"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Bryan M. Jack
"Bridging the Red Sea: The Saint Louis African-American Community and the Exodusters of 1879"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

Eileen R. Solomon
"Kosher in the United States: An Examination of American-Jewish Adaptation"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


John Glen
"'How Shall We Remember Them?': Pearl Harbor in Private, Public, and Historic Memory"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Victoria York
"Defining Moments: Narratives of the 1834 Burning of Mount Benedict"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui


Kent B. Bunting
"The Koan of Seiwa En: History and Meaning in the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden"
Advisor: Matthew J. Mancini

George R. Carson
"Teen Challenge and the Development of Social Concern Ministries in the Assemblies of God"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Miriam E. Joseph
"Perceived Cultural Influences on Generativity Identified by Childless Women"
Advisor: James H. Korn

Robert M. Lee
"Henry Adams and the Construction of Intellectual Unity"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


James P. Dohle
"JROTC: A Study of Two St. Louis Schools"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Jane F. Ferry
"Flavors of Culture: A Semiotic Reading of Food in Film"
Advisor: Kathryn Kuhn

Christine F. Harper
"The Water Wizard: John F. Wixford and the Purification of the St. Louis Water Supply in 1904"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Carole L. Knight
"Survival of the Forest: The Evolution of Forest Park as a Reflection of the Social and Cultural Dynamics of St. Louis"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Mark H. Kruger
"The Influence of the 1960's Countercultural Values of Individualism, Anti-materialism, and Community on a Contemporary Intentional Community"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Rodney G. Stephens
"Richard Harding Davis and American Culture"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Mary D. Blixen
"David Rowland Francis: Missourian and Progressive Public Servant"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Regina M. Faden
"The German St. Vincent Orphan Home: The Institution and its Role in the Immigrant German Catholic Community of St. Louis 1850–1900"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Patricia L. Gregory
"Women's Experience of Reading in St. Louis Book Clubs"
Advisor: John J. Pauly

Loftin Woodiel
"William C. Quantrill: Deviant or Hero?"
Advisor: John J. Pauly


Kamau Kemayó
"An Afrocentric Critical Theory and Its Application to Three African American Novels"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Maureen Murphy
"Daughters of Sam Spade: The American Private Eye"
Advisor: Kathryn Kuhn


Thomas C. Barnett
"A Utopian-Mythopoesis Reading of American Puritan Jeremiads: A Reclassification of Selected Seventeenth Century New England Pulpit Literature"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Brian R. Hohlt
"‘Laws of the Lord': The Political World of Peter Cartwright, 1824–1848"
Advisor: Mark E. Neely, Jr.

Jane Marie Holwerda
"Family and Social Class in Selected Novels of Edith Wharton and Theodore Dreiser"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Alice C. Warren
"The Junior College District of St. Louis–St. Louis County, Missouri under the Leadership of Joseph P. Cosand, 1962–1971: A Study of the Impact of the Post–World War II Milieu on Policies That Shaped the Institution"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Valerie J. Yancey
"Attending the Dying: William James, a Resource for Medical Ethics at End-of-Life"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane


Michael L. Banks
"George S. Kaufman: American Social Critic on Stage"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Dawn L. Elmore-McCrary
"Culture in the Basic Writing Classroom"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

F. Terry Norris
"The Illinois Country, Lost and Found: Assessment of the Archaeological Remains of French Settlements in the Central Mississippi River Valley, 1673–1763"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Paul D. Nygard
"Man of Maine: A Life of Robert P. Tristram Coffin"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Timothy D. Uhl
"The Naming of St. Louis Catholic Parishes"
Advisor: James T. Fisher

Matthew S. Warshauer
"Andrew Jackson and the Politics of Martial Law"
Advisor: Mark E. Neely, Jr.


Jeannette Batz Cooperman
"Out of the Broom Closet: The Deep Hidden Meaning of Domesticity in Postfeminist Novels by Louise Erdrich, Mary Gordon, Toni Morrison, Marge Piercy, Jane Smiley and Amy Tan"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Kenneth C. Kaufman
"Roswell M. Field, Attorney for the Plaintiff, Dred Scott"
Advisor: Mark E. Neely, Jr.
Missouri History Book Award Winner

Andrew J. Madigan
"Countersystem Analysis and Social Criticism in the Works of Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, and J. D. Salinger"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Rhelda Mabry Morgan
Degree awarded posthumously.

Sue Ann Tretter
"The Developing Ministry to Blacks by the Archdiocese of St. Louis: The Case of Monsignor John Shocklee"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Ming Chang
"Reforming Literati as ‘The Conscience of the Society': A Sino-U.S. Cross-Cultural Study of the Leading Reformers in the Muckraking and ‘the Blooming and Contending' Movements"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

Joung-Min Choi
"The Critics of Democracy: The Political Visions of Walker Percy and the Tradition of Alexis de Tocqueville and the Vanderbilt Agrarians"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Riley H. Maynard
"Protest Music Lyrics, 1962–1975: Cultural Roles, Relationships, and Impacts: ‘This Machine Kills Fascists'"
Advisor: Shirley M. Loui

Jeffrey M. Ritter
"Local Television News: Content, Deregulation, and the New Media Landscape"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Elaine C. Tillinger
"The Lure of the Line: Influences, Tradition, and Innovation in the Education and Career of a Woman Artist: Cornelia Field Maury (1866–1942)"
Advisor: Maurice B. McNamee


Karla Y. E. Frye
"Landscape as Structure in Black Women's Fiction"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Suzanne J. Loui
"Practical Transcendentalism: The Role of Nature in the Political Theories of Thomas Jefferson and Ralph Waldo Emerson"
Advisor: Wynne W. Moskop

Michael J. Steiner
"The Democratization of Immortality in Nineteenth-Century America"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


Deborah A. Dey
"Pastoral Themes and Their Use in the Meramec Dam Controversy"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Jon L. Dressel
"The Road to Shiloh: Poems, 1970–1991"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Mary E. Waldron
"‘From Cornerstone to Steeple Cross': An Urban Parish Rebuilds Itself: Saint Francis Xavier (College) Church, 1884–1914"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Diane E. Carson
"A Feminist Reinterpretation of Screwball Comedies: 1934–1942"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

David R. Duke
"Leo Christensen: A Biography of the Founder of Ethyl Alcohol in the United States"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann

Helen Goldman
"Parallel Portraits: An Exploration of Racial Issues in the Art and Activism of Fannie Frank Cook"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

Marla M. Hanley
"The Passion of the Ideal: Catheryne Cooke Gilman and the Role of Cultural Values in Societal Reform"
Advisor: Buford E. Farris, Jr.

John C. Mellis
"Coyote People and the Black Robes: Indigenous Roots of Salish Christianity"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Katherine A. Smith
"Mother Earth, Woman Spirit: Women and the Feminine Character as Symbol and Reality in the Nineteenth Century Plains Indian Culture"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Maria F. Snitzer
"Telling the Lives of Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton, and Willa Cather: The Effects of Social Change and Ideology upon Literary Biography"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp


Janice I. Brandon-Falcone
"Biography as Prism: The Life of C. F. Runcie"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Joanne Fritz
"A Popular Poet Meets the Twentieth Century: Edgar A. Guest and Middle Class Morality"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Christopher W. Gregory
"Perpetual Purification and Developing Sense of Self: The Evolving Theology and Person of Adin Ballou"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary E. Young
"‘Aunt Jemima and the Dragon Lady': Ethnicity and Gender in the Selected Writings of African-American and Chinese-American Women Writers"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


David N. Falcone
"John Peter Altgeld: Progressive Apologist for Social Justice"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Stephen F. Huss
"Take No Advantage: The Biography of Robert Campbell"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

William N. Koch
"An Unexpected American Apocalypse: Eschatology in the Thought of Thomas Merton and Its Significance for the Myth of America"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Peter J. Poletti, Jr.
"An Interdisciplinary Study of the Missouri Grape and Wine Industry, 1650–1989"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


Harry T. Finkelston
"Selected Public Sculpture in St. Louis, Missouri, 1868–1914: A Study in Values and Attitudes"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Cecilia Lacks
"Documentary Photography: A Way of Looking at Ourselves"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Leland R. Stevens
"The Americanization of the Missouri Synod as Reflected within the Lutheran Witness"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane


Wayne Arthur Mehrhoff
"The Rainbow and the People: The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial as Symbolic Landscape"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Thomas C. Nickolai
"Fr. David Phelan and the Process of Americanization: The Social Question and the German-American Controversy"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary M. O'Brien
"The Female Hero in the Speculative Literature of the Twentieth Century: An Evolution of Adamic Eve"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Margaret M. Young
"Exposing the Myth of Bliss: Marriage and the Female Adam in the Fiction of Kate Chopin"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp


Susan M. Musgrove
"Charles A. Lindbergh and the American Dilemma: Tension and Resolution in the Conflict between Technology and Human Values"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

Richard D. Wells
"Elizabeth Green: A Patronage Portrait"
Advisor: Lawrence F. Barmann


Gerald C. Boyer
"A Chronicle of Print Media Influence: Objective Reporting, Muckraking, and the ‘New Journalism,' 1950–1975"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Sharon A. Brown
"Making a Memorial: Developing the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historic Site, 1933–1980"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Elizabeth Burnett
"Thy Kingdom Come: The History of the Church Federation in St. Louis, 1909–1969"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane

William R. Hart
"By the River Gently Flowing"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville


Kathleen Ann Dempsey
"Irrationality in Current American Culture"
Advisor: Thomas R. Knipp

April L. Hamel
"The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial: A Depression Relief Project"
Advisor: Martin Towey

Patricia J. Martin
"Aspects of Equality for Women in Selected Best Selling Novels of the 1920s and 1970s"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Maryann Rossi
"The Congregational Church Membership of Westport, Connecticut, 1835–1880, vs. the Land Structure in a Nineteenth Century New England Town"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


John G. Bayer, Jr.
"The Shifting Function of Rhetoric in Early Nineteenth-Century American Education and Belles Lettres"
Advisor: Walter J. Ong

Cheryl R. Kiley
"The Career and Films of Dudley Nichols"
Advisor: James Scott

Kathleen M. Puhr
"Novelistic Responses to the Vietnam War"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Regina Siegfried
"Conspicuous by Her Absence: Amherst's Religious Tradition and Emily Dickinson's Own Growth in Faith"
Advisor: Belden C. Lane


Joseph Francis Olszewski
"American Theater in the Sixties and Seventies: The Non-Broadway Stage and Its Playwrights"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Rebecca J. Weseley
"The Triumph of the System: Alexander Berkman, Anarchism, and America"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Susan Sias Waugh McDonald
"Writing and Identity: Autobiographies of American Women Novelists, 1930–1955"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville


Gertrude C. Byers
"American Journalism and China, 1945–1950"
Advisor: T. Michael Ruddy

Richard G. Caram
"The Secular Priests: A Study of the College Professor as Hero in Selected American Fiction (1955–1977)"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Donald P. Hallmark
"Chicago Sculptor Richard W. Bock: Social and Artistic Demands at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary S. O'Brien
"Value Changes in American Society as Evidenced in Selected Samplings from Mass Media, 1960–1970"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Joanne M. Hanrahan
"Admonition and Nurture: Views of Childhood and Youth in the American Periodical Press, 1820–1850"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Richard J. Heman
"The Social Views of Archbishop John Glennon in the Context of the Family: 1903–1924"
Advisor: William Barnaby Faherty

Luther E. Smith, Jr.
"An American Prophet: A Critical Study on the Thought of Howard Thurman"
Advisor: Allen O. Miller

Catherine L. Tudish
"The Schlemiel and the Reality Instructor: Moral Tension in the Novels of Saul Bellow"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Pamela N. Warford
"The Social Origins of Female Iconography: Selected Images of Women in American Popular Culture, 1890–1945"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Lloyd A. Hunter
"The Sacred South: Postwar Confederates and the Sacralization of Southern Culture"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Mary Jane Earle Johnson
"Rock Music as a Reflector of Social Attitudes among Youth in America during the 1960s"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Dennis R. Lubeck
"University City: A Suburban Community's Response to Civil Rights, 1959–1970"
Advisor: Frederick J. Dobney


Helen Canada
"The Quiet Ones: A Cameo Study of Another Kind of Texas, 1854–1900"
Advisor: John Francis Bannon

James R. McKee
"Kit Carson: Man of Fact and Fiction"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Robert Glen Walrond
"Winston Churchill and the St. Louis Progressives, 1900–1916"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Theodore Y. Blumoff
"Popular Fiction and the Creation of a Cold War Consensus: 1943–1952"
Advisor: Wolfgang Karrer

John Russell David
"Tragedy in Ragtime: Black Folktales from St. Louis"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Edward Arnold Medler
"Howells, Wright and the Theme of Social Protest: A Comparison Using Selected Works"
Advisor: Helen I. Mandeville

Charlotte Rohrbach
"Willa Cather, An Historian of Western Webster County, Nebraska: An Inquiry"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Elaine Stern
"The Conservative Gesture amidst Decades of Change: Jack Kerouac and William Saroyan"
Advisor: Albert Montesi


Martha O. Cruz
"The Regionalist Triumvirate and the ‘American Program': Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, and John Stewart Curry"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

David Lynn Snowden
"Rail Passenger Service in the United States since the Nineteen Thirties: Its Decline, Nostalgia, and Esthetics (with Emphasis on Greater St. Louis)"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

David Martin Stasa
"A Comparative Study on the Detroit and St. Louis Sokols' Efforts to Preserve Czech Culture since World War II"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer

Roger Lee Whitlow
"A Socio-critical History of Nineteenth-Century Fiction Written by Black Americans"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Daniel Joseph Conoyer
"Missouri's Little Dixie: A Geographical Delineation"
Advisor: Dennis K. Ehrhardt

Milton Steven Katz
"Peace, Politics, and Protest: SANE and the American Peace Movement, 1957–1972"
Advisor: Jean-Robert Leguey-Feilleux


Mary Forrest Dowling
"The Saint Louis Movement: Reconstruction of the Individual and the Nation through Speculative Philosophy"
Advisor: Joseph G. Knapp

Rosemary Esterkamp
"Mark Twain's Pessimism: A Reconsideration"
Advisor: Theodore Haddin

Mary Hayes
"Politics and Government in Colonial Saint Louis: A Study in the Growth of Political Awareness, 1764–1803"
Advisor: William Barnaby Faherty

Richard Harold Patterson
"Harris Teachers College: 1904–1966"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Robert W. Taylor
"The Search for a New Urban Order: The Vision of a Suburban Civilization"
Advisor: John Willson

Carl J. Zell
"General Daniel Bissell"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Verlyn Lloyd Barker
"John W. Nevin: His Place in American Intellectual Thought"
Advisor: Elizabeth Kolmer


Philip J. Anderson
"The Simple Builders: The Shakers, Their Villages and Architecture"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Edward Eugene Foushee
"The Reciprocal Influence between Clergy and Laity on Social Issues: An Historical Investigation of Missouri's Presbyterian Clergy in Marion County on the Subject of Abolition, 1835–1845"
Advisor: Edward J. Maguire


Mary Nivard Fitzgerald
"The Mind of the American Expatriate"
Advisor: Joseph G. Knapp

Frances Alberta McAllister
"The Lakota Sioux: Their Ceremonies and Recreations"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Linda Anne Mitchell McKee
"Captain Isaac Hull and the Portsmouth Navy Yard, 1813–1815"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting


John L. Oldani
"The Woman as Reformer: A Facet of the American Character"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Berkley Kalin
"Social Criticism in Twentieth Century American Poetry"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Dolores Jane Meyer
"Excursion Steamboating on the Mississippi with Streckfus Steamers, Inc."
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

Mary C. Taylor
"A History of the Foundations of Catholicism in Northern New York"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting


Kevin Corrigan Kearns
"The History of the Acquisition, Development and Restoration of Forest Park: 1870–1910"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting


Albert Joseph Patrick McCarthy
"The Oswego River: A Study in Historical Geography"
Advisor: Martin F. Hasting

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