Dilithium Ore Refining Assignment Definition

Due to ongoing PvE queue and reward balance changes in Delta Rising, some dilithium reward amounts listed below may be incorrect.[1][2]

In Star Trek Online, Dilithium is a major form of currency predominantly earned and used in the end game. Players can use dilithium to purchase various things ranging from new ships when the player reaches a new rank to new weapons (Space and ground), deflectors and shields, and via crafting materials.

It is a time-based currency (~480 per 15 minutes of gameplay according to Cryptic) in that it is obtained from certain missions, mostly repeatable every 20 hours, that require time for a player to complete. The currency is given out as dilithium ore, which must be refined (up to 8000 per day) using the ship's Inventory Asset tab.

Dilithium can only be traded to other players for Zen via the Dilithium Exchange (Located in the More menu via the down-arrow, on the mini-map. It is also possible to set a keybind in the options menu to permit direct access via keystroke). Trade values are restricted to 25-500 refined dilithium per Zen.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Foundry[edit | edit source]

Authors of user-generated missions can also be donated 25, 50 or 100 (refined!) by any player who completes their missions.

Academy Lore mission[edit | edit source]

Borg Invasion[edit | edit source]

Alpha Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Beta Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Solanae Dyson Sphere[edit | edit source]

Reputation[edit | edit source]

These rewards can be claimed once per character:

New to Level 60 Guide

By Bikkstah with additions by onari and iFirebird

Note: Before the launch of Season 9.5, "Delta Rising," the maximum level attainable was level 50. Now, it is level 60. This guide has been updated to reflect this.

If you are reading this, you are a brand new level 60 or making your way there. Congratulations! Leveling in STO is a very fast process, especially for Romulan players. The story missions give you a brief overview of how to play, but as you play through them, you travel through this sort of closed loop pipeline where you don’t hear about any of the endgame stuff in STO, especially if you’re not in a chat channel like RedditChat. If you’re like me, you got to level 60 and now you have no idea how the majority of the game works. But don't worry, this guide is here to help you!

Veteran players: We would appreciate anyone who can add more to this guide.

Let’s get started with the basics!


Type this into your main chat window: /channel_join RedditChat. Enough said. Hundreds of Redditors are always in this chat channel, grouping together, helping each other with advice, strategy and also generally having a good time. There are people from around the world in this channel, so there will someone available to answer your questions pretty much 24/7. Even if you have no interest in joining a Reddit fleet, I highly recommend that you join this channel.


Get in a fleet! There are many fleets available. Reddit has two Federation fleets: REDdit Alert (RA) and Reddit Star Empire (RSE). RA is often full and also has a complete starbase so there are less donation opportunities for fleet credits. More on fleet credits in a moment. RSE is the spillover Federation fleet and offers more opportunities to obtain fleet credits (fleddits). It is important to know that RA and RSE are essentially the same fleet: officers are the same, ranks are the same, and you can move between fleets as you wish if you ask an officer first. There have been a lot of people recently asking to join RA and refusing to join RSE because it is the “second” fleet. There is no difference. Finally, for the Klingon players, there are the House of Snoo (Snoo) and House of the Rising Snoo (HotRS or HoRS). Snoo has a slightly different ruleset than RA/RSE but, but the same requirements and many of the same officers. Joining any of the Reddit fleets is as easy as joining the RedditChat channel and asking for an invite. If no officer is available to invite you right away, be patient and ask again later.

Before you join the reddit fleets, make sure you read the fleet charter.

Fleet Holdings

The bottom at the bottom right of your map is the fleet window. You can also push CTRL+G. Each fleet has a Dilithium Mine, Embassy, Spire, and Starbase. Some fleets have completed Starbases, like RA, RSE, and Snoo. If you click each individual holding, you can see that there are projects running. You can donate to these projects: you can donate fleet marks (a form of currency, more on this later), duty officers (you may or may not be familiar with duty officers or DOFFs yet), commodities, experience points (expertise, used as currency beyond level 50) and dilithium (more on dilithium later). In exchange for donating to these projects, you receive fleet credits or fledits.

Fleddits are a form of currency needed to buy high level items from the fleet starbase and embassy. Often, you need both fledits and dilithium to purchase fleet weapons, armor, shields, engines, etc. It is important to get into a fleet and donate in order to stockpile the fledits you will need. Once you donate and receive fledits, they are yours forever, even if you leave the fleet or take a leave of absence. They belong to you, not the fleet. The Reddit fleets (and most others) require a minimum number of donations to be promoted within the fleet, so it’s good to get started early. Finally, the fleet holdings offer many passive abilities, so it’s necessary for all members to contribute.

A full spreadsheet of items available at fleet holdings is available and it's called RUFIES - Reputation Unlocks, Fleet Items, & Embassy Stuff.

How do I buy stuff from the fleet holdings?

To buy items from the fleet holdings you generally need to meet these requirements:

  1. You have to be in a fleet.
  2. You have to have access to the fleet stores. This varies greatly by fleet. In REDdit Alert and Reddit Star Empire you have to be the second-lowest rank or higher to get access to fleet stores.
  3. The fleet holding or a part of it has to be of proper tier for the item in question. Links: Starbase Tiers, Embassy Tiers, Dilithium Mine Tiers, Spire TiersSee note below
  4. Your fleet has to have enough provisions of the proper category. The amount of these can be seen in the "Provisions" tab in the fleet holding windows.
  5. You have to have enough Fleet Credits and usually, Dilithium. Fleet Credits are earned by contributing resources such as Fleet Marks (acquired from certain PvE-missions), Dilithium, data samples, duty officers etc.

Note: The 3rd section only applies to Fleet ships. You can be invited to another, higher-tier fleet's holding, and when you buy something from there, your fleet's provisions will be used. For example, if you want to buy a Tier 5 hangar pet, but your own fleet is only Tier 3, you can be invited to another fleet's Tier 5 starbase and you can buy the item using your fleet's provisions. You should never have to pay (at least not a lot) for this access, since the higher tier fleet won't lose any resources from this. Reddit fleets invite people in other fleets to their holdings if you ask nicely in RedditChat.

Fleet Ships

Fleet ships are bought from the shipyard in the fleet starbase. These ships are Tier 5-6 versions (Retrofits) of lower-tier (T1-T4) ships, or improved versions of Tier 5-6 ships. Retrofits cost 200 000 Fleet Credits while Fleet ships cost 20,000 Fleet Credits and 1 to 5 Fleet Ship Modules. Most ships cost the 20,000 Fleet Credit and either 4 or 5 Fleet Ship modules, but if you already own the Tier 5 or Tier 6 version of the ship in question, the cost will be only 20,000 Fleet Credits and one Fleet Ship Module. Tier 5 fleet ships can be upgraded to T5U, with the use of a starship upgrade token.

Note that fleet ships don't come with the special consoles that their Tier 5 counterparts might have. Tier 6 fleet ships also lack the final, unlockable ship trait. You can browse the fleet ship selection in STOWiki - Playable starship.

Starbase requisitions: Fleet starship weapons, shields/deflectors/engines, hangars, personal weapons and equipment etc.

Many kinds of advanced equipment can be bought from the fleet starbase. These include Advanced and Elite starship weapons, equipment, personal weapons and the like. On federation starbases, head right from the transporter room to "Requisitions" to reach the vendors.

Both Federation and Klingon starbases are located in the Beta Quadrant; the Federation Starbase is to the "south" of Federation space, with the Klingon Starbase more centrally located. Look for "Federation or Klingon Fleet Starbase System."

Embassy requisitions: Fleet Science Consoles, Ground Kits, Romulan bridge officers etc.

The fleet embassy provides access to Threat-Scaling Science Consoles, which are usually very recommended, especially the Plasma-infused ones. These can be bought from the shuttlebay in the embassy.

The embassy is located on New Romulus in the Tau Dewa sector block and can be reached either by flying/transwarping to New Romulus, from the door in the New Romulus adventure zone's Staging Area or via a shuttle from the Starbase transporter room.

Dilithium mine requisitions: Advanced/Elite Warp cores and singularities, Armor and RCS Consoles

The Fleet Dilithium Mine provides access to ultra rare Warp Cores and singularities and ultra rare engineering consoles. There are also dilithium mining-related duty officer assignments available. One mission grants over 30,000 energy credits for completion and more when critically succeeding. Another grants a large amount of dilithium ore. A 3rd mission is now available which will allow you to refine an additional 500 dilithium ore per day.

The mine is located in the upper right corner of the Bajor Sector, which is in the Beta Ursae sector block, close Deep Space 9 and the Vlugta Dilithium Mine. A shuttle from the starbase is available for all fleets.

Spire requisitions: Tactical consoles, more Warp Cores and Singularities, and active DOFF slots

The Fleet Spire provides access to ultra rare warp cores and singularities and ultra rare tactical consoles. You can also purchase an additional ground and space active-duty DOFF slot, bringing both to a maximum of six. There are also Swarmer hangar pets which can be equipped on any carrier.

The fleet spire is adjacent to Sphere Allied Space in the Solonae Dyson Sphere. A shuttle can take you there from the starbase.

Research Lab requisitions: Secondary Deflectors, Krenim Research Duty Officers, Krenim Bridge Officers, Science Consoles, Ground Kit Modules, Reputation/R&D Slots

The Fleet Research Lab provides access to ultra-rare secondary deflectors, science consoles, and ground kit modules. It also provides a means to purchase Krenim R&D duty officers, Krenim bridge officers,four more personal reputation slots, and one additional R&D slot. Finally, the lab can provide you with personal extra daily R&D missions, as well as fleet-wide temporary five-day boosts to XP, dilithium, or damage output.

The Fleet Research Lab is located in the bottom right corner of the Alsuran Sector, in the Delta Quadrant.

Duty Officer System (DOffing)

You’ve probably heard this a lot. When I was leveling up and sitting in the RedditChat channel, I thought people were having a seizure when they kept saying "DOFF" all the time: "I'm off to do my DOFFing." "Don't forget to DOff." etc etc. The Duty Officer system lets you collect Duty Officers (NPCs aboard your ship) who you can add to an active roster to gain some passive abilities and who you can use to send on assignments for you. These assignments reward commendation experience and as you level in the commendation system, you unlock some abilities. The DOff menu is the button under the map that has the 3 heads on it. You can see your DOffs here, assign them to active space/ground rosters and send them on assignments.

The overview tab shows you a lot of data about your DOFFs. You can have a maximum of 400 if you buy more slots with Zen, which is recommended. More on Zen later. The overview tab also shows you the commendation levels. All categories reward you with a token to buy DOffs from Lt. Ferra at the Starfleet Academy or Lt. S'stas at the Klingon Academy each time you level. Rank 1 and 2 let you buy a free green (uncommon) quality DOff. Rank 3 lets you buy a blue DOff (rare) and Rank 4 lets you buy a purple (very rare) DOff. Refer to this section and STOWiki for more ways to obtain more DOffs. STOWiki also has a list of "special" DOffs and the ways to acquire them here.

Some of the categories also give you additional abilities. Diplomacy (FED)/Marauding (KDF) unlocks locations for you to Transwarp to. At Rank 3, you also get Diplomatic Immunity (FED) or Raiding Party (KDF) which lets you travel to enemy sectors to obtain different DOff missions. Also, granting this ability to another player will boost their Warp speed. Engineering, Medical, and Military let you replicate emergency hologram DOffs in uncommon, rare and very rare varieties rising with your commendation rank.

Under assignments, you can look at your current map and your personal tab to see some assignments. Each time you change zones or move to a different sector block, the missions on these tabs change. You can also click the department heads tab (your bridge officers or BOffs act as your department heads) to see a different set of assignments. You can see there are many, many DOff assignments which reward you various types of commendation XP. You can also get Dilithium ore, other DOffs, expertise, trade goods and equipment. You can sometimes fabricate Warp Cores and Singularity Cores within your engineering section. If you get a critical on this assignment, you can obtain very rare (purple) equipment that will sells for millions on the exchange!

Your DOffs have traits that will increase your chance for success and critical success while reducing the chance for failure or disaster. Common (white) DOffs can die during disasters. Green, blue and purple DOffs won’t die, but they will be injured and kept in Sickbay for a few hours.

Once you reach 100,000 experience in a commendation category (Rank 4), every 10,000 experience you can go to the fleet starbase and obtain a mission that takes the 10,000 commendation XP and rewards you with 75 fleet marks (100 on critical).

DOff Chain Assignments

Some of the DOff assignments are arranged as assignment chains, that consist of doing multiple sequential DOff assignments. Completing these chains award very rare DOffs, equipment or titles. Usually completing the chain allows you to do repeatable assignments that can also reward rare/very rare items or DOffs on critical success. Completing these chains are therefore highly recommended.

Some notable assignment chains:

  • Caitian Diaspora (FED) / Unforgiven of Ferasa (KDF) - On completion, awards a very rare flight deck officer and a repeatable assignment to get more Caitian (FED) or Ferasan (KDF) flight deck officers. A must-do for carrier captains.

  • Children's Toys - Awards Mk XII consoles with rarity depending on the result of the last Assignment. This chain is repeatable, and the Mk XII consoles can be worth a lot of EC.

  • Colonization - There are star clusters around the galaxy. They are off the edges of the sector blocks. Zenas Expanse (ZE), Rolor Nebula (RN) and Betreka Nebula (BN) in Cardassian Space. Delta Volanis Cluster (DV), Arcuanis Arm (AA) and Hromi Cluster (HC) in Federation space. T’ong Nebula (TN), D’kel Star Clsuter (DK), Eridon Nebula (EN) and Azlesa Expanse (AZ) in Klingon space. Eridan Belt (EB), Khazan Cluster (KC) and Afherri Nebula (AN) in Romulan space. Finally, B’Tran Cluster (BC) in Borg space (Gamma Orionis Block). These star clusters have 7-part DOff assignment chains. They require colonists that you can buy from the exchange or obtain from the "Resettle Colonists" DOff assignment found commonly on your current map. At the end of these 7 part chains, you unlock repeatable "Support Colonization Efforts in XXX Cluster/Belt/Nebula" assignments in these zones. These DOff assignments last 4 hours and can be performed once per 24 hours. However, they are not always guaranteed to be available. There is a spreadsheet that people corroborate on to track these assignments. These assignments are popular because on a critical success, you obtain a very rare (purple) DOFF and it is a "free" way to stockpile purple DOffs. Note that the rewarded DOff is always the same in that star cluster. A very popular one among A2B-captains is doing "Support Colonization Efforts in B'tran Cluster" multiple times, since it rewards Ten of Ten), a very rare technician necessary for a A2B build.

  • Facility 4028 Fugitives - Completing this chain awards you with a Dominion Fugitive, that can be traded with the Dominion for a possibly rare/very rare DOff. After completing the chain, more Dominion Fugitives can be acquired on critical success of "Strike Against Fugitive Support Network".

  • Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar - Completing this chain awards you with Gul Tain, a very rare Projectile Weapons Officer.

  • Project Chrysalis - Completing this chain awards you with a very rare advisor.

Recommended DOff Assignments

This section will cover some recommended DOff assignments. These are assignments that pay out good rewards such as equipment, commodities, currency and/or DOffs on (critical) success.

This section is under construction.

AssignmentDurationLocationRequirementsOutcome modifiersRewardsNotes
Asylum (Rare) and Asylum (Very Rare)20hVarious, VariousRefugee x1Varies by homeworldRandom DOff of varying qualityUse these assignments to exchange Refugees for proper DOffs. The quality of the DOff you receive depends on how well the refugee's traits match the requirements of the receiving homeworld.
Confiscate Contraband From Crew30mPersonalSecurity x2Crit: Efficient, Honorable, Telepathic, Success: Security Officer, Failure: UnscrupulousContraband x1-2, random ground consumablesContraband can be traded for Dilithium, see below.
Inspect Civilian Freighter30mFaction home sector blocksSecurity Officer x2Crit: Efficient, Honorable, Telepathic, Unscrupulous, Success: Security Officer, Disaster: AggressiveSuccess:Contraband x1-5Contraband can be traded for Dilithium, see below.
Negotiate Additional Delivery of Rare Commodities4hCardassian SpaceAny officer x2, Shapeshifting Lockets x3, Jevonite x3Crit: Resolve, Cunning, Success: Trader, Failure: StubbornStrange Alien ArtifactThe reward is used for prototype console crafting. Assignment has 72 hour cooldown.
Strike Against Fugitive Support Network6hVarious, Tactical OfficerTactical or Security x2, Any Officer x1Crit: Aggressive, Failure: Tactful, Peaceful, Disaster: Tactful, PeacefulOn critical success: Random item, commodities, Contraband x5, Dominion Fugitive"Facility 4028 Fugitives" chain has to be done before this comes available.
Turn Over Confiscated Contraband4hSecurity OfficersAny officer x1, Contraband x5Success: Security Officer, Disaster: Stubborn, Unruly, Unscrupulous2000 Dilithium oreCombine with Contraband-gathering assignments for a steady flow of Dilithium Ore.

Marks/Reputation System

There are currently nine types of marks. Fleet Marks (flarks) were mentioned previously. They are obtained in a variety of ways: from PvE missions (more on that in a second), from the Risa Summer Event or from commendation requests (mentioned previously). There seven types of reputation marks: Romulan Marks (Romarks), Omega Marks (Omarks) and Nukara Marks (Numarks), Dyson Marks, Undine Marks, Delta Marks, Iconian Marks, and Terran Marks. These are obtained in a variety of ways as well: PvE missions, Epohh raising on New Romulus, ground missions on Nukara Prime, etc. Generally there is a thematic connection between a particular queue and the type of marks it offers. Many special events also award a choice of any type of marks. These marks are used as currency in the reputation system.

If you press “U” on your keyboard and click the Reputation tab, you will be looking at the Rep system. You can see that it laid out very similar to the Fleet Holding system. You can queue and fill projects that reward you with a particular reputation. The system goes from 0 to 100,000 with five tiers along the way. Each tier lets you choose an ability from that particular faction and unlocks item projects you can queue and donate to in order to obtain them. There are two reputation granting mission: one rewards 200 rep and one rewards 2500 rep; the 200 rep projects last one hour and can then be repeated, a maximum of three times in a 20-hour period (note that to run a third hourly project, you must leave the upcoming project slot empty until the first is finished). Once you have completed a reputation on one character, that character can produce Sponsorship tokens for that rep; these are account-bound, so you must have the Account Shared Bank unlocked to trade them to your other characters. Once your other character uses a token, their project rep rewards are doubled, halving the time it will take them to finish that reputation.

The projects require reputation marks, expertise (XP), and energy credits (EC). They reward not just reputation XP, but also a box which will give you a random piece of gear for that rep, and a small amount of dilithium. Even after you have finished the rep, you can still run the hourly project for a bit of dil and a gear box. Most of the gear is useful only to sell to a vendor for EC, but you may get some good stuff along the way!

As you rise through the tiers of a Reputation, you can start equipment projects to get item sets. Each reputation has several space equipment sets (Deflector, Engines, Shields), ground equipment sets (Armor, Shield, Weapon) and space item sets (Console, two weapons). Equipping two or three of the set items together gives you special boosts and/or abilities. You can also unlock Reputation stores for ground and space items from Mk X to Mk XII. It is recommended to wait until Tier 5 and only buy/unlock the Mk XII items.

A full spreadsheet of Reputation and fleet items and their costs is available and it's called RUFIES - Reputation Unlocks, Fleet Items, & Embassy Stuff.

Specialzation Trees

What They Are

Specialization Trees are unlocked at level 51. There are currently four Specialization Trees:

  • Command Officer (30)
  • Intelligence Officer (30)
  • Pilot (30)
  • Commando (15)

The parenthetical numbers above denote how many Specialization Points (SP) are required to fill each tree. The Command Officer, Intelligence Officer, and Pilot trees have associated bridge officer manuals which are teachable only to bridge officers who have been trained with the appropriate specialization token. A bridge officer can learn all three specializations (Command, Intel, Pilot), but may only use one at a time.

How to Fill Specialization Trees

SPs are earned in the following ways:

  • Levels 51-60, +1 SP per level (+10 SP total)
  • Each time you earn +150,000 Expertise after level 60, you will earn +1 SP.
  • There is a exptertise-SP earnings cap of 105 SP. Once you pass this threshold, you will recieve a small dilithium ore package for each +150,000 Expertise instead of +1 SP.

Noteable exceptions to the expertise-SP cap:

  • +1 SP package possible from completing a Featured Episode during each week it is featured.
  • +2 SP are earned each time the Federation "Tour of Duty" 10/10 Admiralty assignment chain is completed.
  • +2 SP are given away in packages through Z-Store promotions, very infrequently.
  • Any of these three options will put you over the 105 SP cap, and the SP you receive from them NOT turn to dilithium.

Admiralty System

The Admiralty System is unlocked once your character reaches level 52. Each ship in your shipyard will generate a different ship card for the Admiralty System, which is added to your Ship Roster. The Admiralty System is similar to the doff system in that you send ships out on missions to generate rewards. Here is some more information:

  • Once a ship card is in your roster, you may dismiss its parent ship from your shipyard if you wish; you will not lose the Admiralty ship card.
  • Admiralty ship cards do not entitle you to reclaim their associated ships. For example: If you purchase a fleet ship to acquire its Admiralty ship card and dismiss if from your shipyard, you will have to repurchase this ship again at full price if you wish to fly it in the future. Z-Store ships are of course freely reclaimable.
  • These ship cards cannot "die" on assignment like a common duty officer.
  • Each ship card has an associated maintenance timer. When you use a ship card from your Ship Roster, read the card to learn how long it will take for its maintenance timer to complete. If the mission takes 4 hours, and the maintenance timer on your ship card is 18 hours, you will be unable to use your ship card for another (18h+4h) = 22 hours.
  • If your ship card is prefixed by "1x", this means that it is a one-time use reward from an Admiralty mission, and it is not actually your ship. Think of it as calling in a one-time favor.

The Admiralty System is divided into campaigns. Campaigns, once leveled, are reward an epic ship card and 20,000 dilithium ore. Campaigns are not repeatable.

The Admiralty System also has repeatable assignment chains called "Tour of Duty" assignments. There are ten missions in each Tour of Duty, and there is a large reward for completing the chain. Once 10/10 Tour of Duty missions have been completed, the Tour of Duty may be restarted, and the 10/10 large reward may be claimed again. There is no limit to how many times you can repeat a Tour of Duty.


The PvE “endgame” in STO revolves around Special Task Forces against the Borg (STF) and Fleet Actions against a variety of enemies. There are many of these in the game. They reward a combination of marks, gear and/or dilithium and is the main source for these in the game. STFs and many of the Fleet Actions require varying amounts coordination and preparation from the team to finish them succesfully. Reading guides and walkthroughs of the different missions is recommended. Asking team members for advice is also encouraged, especially in the Reddit fleets. If you are unsure what to do, speak up in the lobby before the match begins. Many of the missions are quite straightforward though, so you can learn them quickly.

You can access the PvE queues by pushing J and pushing the PvE button or by pushing the button to the left of the fleet button below your minimap. Each mission will tell you how many players are required, the difficulty level, the rewards, and the average waiting time. You can do these PvE matches by queuing blind (entering a pick up group or PUG) but that is not recommended. There are always people in the RedditChat channel willing to run STFs and Fleet Actions with you. Here are instructions how to start your own PvE match.

This wiki has guides for STFs and for other Fleet Actions as well. For abbrevations of the different STFs and Fleet Actions, see the glossary.


PvP in STO is considered a bit lacking in content and balance, but it can still be very fun and educating. Most popular PvP matches are Space Arena matches either between FED and KDF or inside your own faction. These are simple team deathmatches, the team that reaches the kill limit (default is 15) first, wins.

PvP matches require a lot of team coordination, skill and good equipment. It is in PvP matches where you'll probably find the most dedicated build enthusiasts of the game. Thanks to the very fast pace of the matches, audio communication such as TeamSpeak and/or hotkeys such as described in the Hilbert guide are recommended. A common strategy in Arenas is to stick close together (so healers can reach you) and focus fire on one enemy ship at a time (announce targets in team chat).

Due to the nature of the game, it is very common that PvP matches end up being very unevenly balanced with scores of 15-0 being quite common, especially in public matches. Creating balanced matches is very difficult even if you know what each player is flying and equipping. Still, turning a 0-10 match into a 15-10 victory is sometimes possible and is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the game. On the other hand, well balanced matches can turn into bitter, hour-long stalemates. The opinion if this is fun or not depends on the person of course. ;)

You can access the public PvP queues by clicking the small arrow on the right bottom corner of the minimap and selecting "PvP Queues". The window is similar to the PvE queue window. You can also create your own private PvP match similarly to PvE matches, with the exception of creating it from the PvP window. RedditChat sometimes has PvP matches, either private, Reddit-only ones or 5-Reddittor teams against PUGs.

Storyline missions

When you've reached level 60, you may not have finished all your storyline missions. It's a good idea to finish these, since many the missions are quite enjoyable and many of them offer good rewards; for example the Subspace Field Modulator from "Skirmish", the Breen ship equipment set from the Breen feature episodes and the Jem'Hadar ship equipment set from the latter part of the Cardassian arc. Some of the more unique mission rewards (such as the Shard of Possibilities) are only available during Feature Episode Re-Run weeks that Cryptic holds about two times a year.

Foundry missions

The Foundry is the place for user-generated missions. Many of these exist for the sole purpose of getting loot fast and easily (so called "farming missions"), but many of them are actual, fully fledged, story-based missions that are often better than the actual storyline missions. If you enjoyed the storyline and wish to continue doing things solo, browsing the Foundry, especially the Spotlight-part is a good idea. If you have the knack and will for it, you might want to consider creating a mission of your own!


Energy credits

The main currency of STO. You get this as rewards during story missions, DOFF missions and from selling gear to vendors and on the exchange. Foundry missions can be a quick source of vendor gear to boost your energy credits (EC). Press “J” and navigate to the Foundry tab. Search for a mission “FED FARM 102”. It takes about 5 minutes and rewards you with common (white) and uncommon (green) loot. You can do this mission once per day. It nets between 500-750k EC. Tour the Galaxy is an event that can reward you with 2-3 million EC each time the event happens by following specific routes and repeating them instead of finishing the entire event. (Edit: I've been told that Tour the Galaxy has been nerfed with a 4 hour cooldown added. You can only complete this once per 4 hours for a total of 350,000 EC.) You can also get lucky with very rare (purple) MK X, XI and XII gear from STFs and Foundry missions that you can sell on the exchange.

EC is very weird – when you need it for reputation commodities, you always seem short. Then once you’re done with the reputation system, you have too much and there isn’t much to buy, unless you're looking to get a lockbox/Lobi ship or some very high tier console or weapon which have price ranges in the tens of millions.

You can transfer EC easily between your characters via the Account Bank, just deposit the EC to the Account Bank and withdraw it with your other character.

As the limit for Energy Credits per character is 10 million for F2P players and many items cost many times that, it is recommended to buy the EC cap increase to 1 Billion EC from the Z-Store for 500 Zen.

Additional reading:EC and Dilithium Farming Guide by Kurtis


Dilithium is a required currency for almost all purchases in STO. Gear from the reputation system costs dilithium and reputation marks while gear from the fleet store costs dilithium and fleet credits. Dilithium is also used to donate to fleet holding projects.

There are two types of dilithium: ore and refined dilithium. Dilithium ore is very plentiful: you get it from STFs, Fleet Actions, DOff missions, Foundry missions and almost anywhere. Dilithium ore is not a currency in itself as you can't buy anything with it, the actual currency is refined Dilithium. It is much more rare: a player can refine 8000 ore into refined dilithium once per day at 8PM EST by clicking the "refine" button on the second tab of your inventory. The refinement rate is 1:1, meaning that 8000 dilithium ore turns into 8000 refined dilithium. You can also buy refined dilithium with Zen at the Dilithium Exchange. Veteran players (800 days+) or those who buy a Lifetime Membership can pick up a long (3 days?) DOff mission at Starfleet or Klingon Academy that lets you assign DOffs to refine an additional 1000 dilithium.

Refined dilithium is a precious commodity and the sooner you start refining and stockpiling it, the better. If you aren't able to properly play STO every day, it's a good idea to gather a "buffer" of dilithium ore during your active play hours, so you can just log in to you character(s) and click the refine-button, taking you only under five minutes of your precious time and still getting you that precious 8000 dilithium allotment.

Players with multiple characters can obviously gain more refined dilithium per day. Some players even use their alternative characters just for dilithium farming. Transferring dilithium between characters is possible via the Dilithium Exchange: Buy Zen with the farming character, then sell the Zen with the receiving character. You can of course buy Zen with real money and convert that to dilithium, but this is financially demanding.

Additional reading:EC and Dilithium Farming Guide by Kurtis


The microtransaction currency of STO. You can get Zen by selling your refined dilithium on the dilithium exchange that has a variable Zen-to-Dilithium exchange rate based on supply and demand. Lifetime and Gold subscribers get a 500 Zen/month stipend. Otherwise, you have to buy it with real world currency.

Zen is used to buy ships, costumes, more inventory space, more bank space, more DOFF slots, refined dilithium, special DOFFs, BOFFs, pets, etc etc. STO is a game where a surprising amount of people pay for Zen, although recently some Redditors have embargoed the system until the customer service/ticket system is changed to be more productive.

More on "what to buy" can be read from the FAQ.


Lobi is the most "expensive" currency in STO, as it is only earned from opening lock boxes and from Lobi Scavenger Hunts during the Feature Episode Re-Runs. Lobi Crystals are also bound to character, meaning you can't transfer it between your own characters as you can with EC and Dilithium.

Lobi are used as a currency in the Lobi Crystal Consortium, which can be accessed via either "using" the Lobi Crystal or visiting the vendor in Drozana Station. The items available are mostly cosmetic items such as non-combat pets and costume unlocks. The more expensive items include small craft (300 Lobi), space equipment sets (Ferengi Marauder Set, Temporal Warfare Set, 200 Lobi per item) and special, cross-faction space ships (800 Lobi). Many of the Lobi store items are unbound (including ships), so they can be also found in the exchange, albeit with a hefty price tag.

Popular items are the Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console, the Tachyokinetic Converter and the Mk XII versions of the Jem'Hadar space and ground sets, which can be acquired by updating the Mk XI sets to Mk XII for 150 (ground) and 200 (space) Lobi.

The Exchange

The Exchange is the in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell non-bound items. Exchange terminals can be found on all major starbases, usually next to the bank terminals.


The first tab in the Exchange window is the buy-tab. When you're looking for something, always remember to select a correct category for the item. Searching "all" still produces wrong results and the items are usually overpriced. Some items' category isn't that obvious, for example food items are "personal devices". For some items like commodities you might get a better price by buying a bigger stack of them at once. In the buy-tab, select "Price per unit" from the dropdown on the left to see if there are better bulk deals.


Instead of recycling, you should sell loot drops you don't need. Usually items with a rarity of "rare" or better can be worth much more than their display price. To check the current market price for an item, drag the item from you inventory to the Exchange's "search"-textbox, it'll automatically paste the name there. Always remember to select the correct category and rarity for the item or you'll get false results. If you don't get any results, it's possible that there aren't any items like that on the market. This is common with very rare shields, deflectors, engines, warp cores and such. To find an approximate price, just remove a modifier or two from the item's name to get a list of similar items. To actually sell the item, drag the item from your inventory to the sell-tab's upper part, set a price and sell. You are limited to having up to 40 items for sale at a given time.

Items that aren't worth selling on the exchange can be recycled to get 40% of the display price or sold to a vendor to get 50% of the display price. It's always a good idea to check the exchange price for an item you're unfamiliar with before doing this though.

Selling loot drops on the exchange can be very profitable. Doing specially produced loot-farming missions on the Foundry is a good idea and also doing the missions Starbase 24 or Gorn Minefield since they reward top players with very rare items that can be worth tens of millions on the exchange. As previously mentioned, this wiki holds a guide for EC and dilithium farming by Kurtis that's definitely worth reading.

It's also possible to "play" the exchange like any other market. Buy popular items (Contraband, Fleet Ship Modules, Lock Box keys etc.) for low and sell them high when the market price goes up. Doing this requires daily, even hourly monitoring of the Exchange and knowledge of current market trends.


The button below the beam out button on the left side of your map is the Transwarp button. By using Transwarp you can travel instantly across the galaxy to various locations. You can unlock more locations by achieving higher Diplomacy (FED) or Marauding (KDF) ranks through the DOff system. Some ships like the Tuffli Cargo Freighter, Suliban Cell Ship and Excelsior have multiple Transwarp locations already pre-set. You can also Transwarp to the Fleet Starbase System and use the Transwarp Conduit behind you after you zone in to fly to other systems. Some warp cores/singularity cores decrease the Transwarp cooldown. Completing Tour the Galaxy in full will also unlock a trait that further decreases your cooldown.

In addition to these mentioned Transwarp methods, it's possible to Transwarp nearly anywhere even before gaining the ranks in Diplomacy or Marauding by using the episode mission Transwarp feature. That is, you pick up a story mission from your journal and transwarp to its starting location by clicking the Transwarp-button in the mission description and after arriving there, drop the mission. These Transwarp jumps do cost some EC though, rising with the level of the mission. If you're really in a hurry to get somewhere, it might be worth it. Pib gathered a list of these missions and their transwarp costs.


Accolades are special achievements that you unlock by doing all kinds of things such as killing a number of certain enemy faction, exploring New Romulus and Nimbus III, completing optional objectives in story missions, finishing STFs, acquiring Omega equipment sets etc. Some accolades reward you with new titles and new passive abilities, others are there just for the fun of it. STOWiki has a guide for gathering some of them. This wiki has a guide for Nimbus III exploration accolades and STOWiki hosts a map of New Romulus exploration accolades.

That's it! Thanks for reading. We will continue to edit and update this as we think of more things.

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