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A resume can be a strong indicator of success and can also be used to tout your accomplishments, making them known to the admissions department and to other Include in your resume extracurricular activities such as team sports.[/caption] decision makers during the enrollment process. A well-developed and well-formatted resume on excellent paper can set a student apart. Here are some tips for writing your resume, and you may wish to download our Resume Worksheet to guide you in gathering your information.
Check out this quick video for tips on creating your resume: Components of a High School Resume

Here are some guidelines for formatting your resume.


Name, address, phone and email should be included in the heading at the top of your resume. Do not include your birth date, health status or Social Security number.  Only report these on your college application if requested.  Make sure your email address is professional.  Use rather than



List your educational information with name and address of high school. Include your GPA and class rank if they make you stand out.



Include clubs, programs, community service organizations, sports and other activities you participated in during high school.  Also include activities outside of school through your church or community.


Special Projects

Include here things you did once or twice, not as an ongoing activity. Examples are participation in science fairs or one-day volunteer service.


Experience and Jobs

You may choose to list any jobs you have had with a brief description.



Your awards or any accomplishments can be listed here.



Length: The average length of a student résumé is one page.  However, if you have a long list of awards and activities, then write a two- or even three-page résumé. Remember that you are selling yourself. If you have exceptional accomplishments as a high school student, you deserve to make sure the reader is aware of them.

Type Size: Use 10 or 11 point type for text, 12 point for headings, and 14 point for your name.

Paper: Use plain white paper.  Resist colors or designs; you want to impress your readers with content, not distract them with design.

Copies: Laser printing or high-quality photocopying of an original résumé is fine.  Copying a copy will not yield good, crisp quality and is usually not acceptable.



Update your résumé regularly—at least once a year. Add new summer activities, courses, community service, honors, activities and jobs.

Avoid writing anything negative.  Simply leave out the fact that you have a 1.9 GPA on a 4.0 scale. You don’t have to list everything—just everything that illustrates that you’re college material.

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Contact us to schedule a session with one of our counselors and we’ll help you put together a winning résumé in now time — and we’ll give you guidance on the kinds of activities that will help you strengthen it even more.

The admissions process may vary slightly by college, but follow the checklist below for a general guideline.

The college application process should begin far ahead of time – even in middle school. The earlier you begin to plan, the less stressful the admission process will be in your senior year. Many schools have deadlines as early as fall of your senior year. Ask yourself questions about how to choose the college that best fits you.

What is needed to apply?

It is important to know what is required when applying for admission at the particular colleges and universities you are considering. All of this information is widely available in college guides, university catalogs and publications, and on the schools’ Web sites. By the time you get to the 12th grade, it is too late to start taking the right classes, so you need to learn this early. If you plan to attend college in Mississippi, make sure you are complying with the Admissions Requirements for Mississippi public universities.

Our Application Checklist will help you stay on track throughout the process – print out a copy for your personal use for each school to which you are submitting an application.

Also, click on a link below to learn more about these topics which may be a part of your admission process:

Reduced tuition possible for some degrees that are not available in Mississippi:

Is the degree program you have chosen not available in Mississippi? Have you found your program at an out-of-state institution, but the higher tuition is a barrier?

The Academic Common Market allows Mississippians to apply for a waiver of out-of-state tuition to attend a cooperating public institution of higher education to pursue a program not available in Mississippi. ACM is a cooperative, tuition-reduction agreement among 16 Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) states.

More than 1,900 programs are available to eligible students at in-state tuition rates in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Graduate level programs only are available in Florida, North Carolina and Texas. For more information, visit Academic Common Market.

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