French Revolution Assignment

The French Revolution posed a fundamental challenge to Europe's existing political and social order. Claiming to defend the ideals of the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte imposed French control over much of the European continent that eventually provoked a nationalistic reaction.

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  • List the major political and philosophical principles espoused in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

  • How did Edmund Burke counter the views expressed in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen?

  • What type of government was established by the Constitution of 1791?  Which groups were dissatisfied?  Why?

  • How did Olympe de Gouge's reworking of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen transform its meaning?  How did male revolutionaries respond to her Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Female Citizen?

  • What practical role did women actually play in the French Revolution?

  • Identify some of the gains made by women during the French Revolution.

  • How did the French revolutionaries deal with the issue of race and discrimination regarding Jews, and free Negroes and mulattos [in France's Caribbean colonies]?

  • How did the National Assembly restructure France administratively?

  • How did the National Assembly apply revolutionary ideas to the economy?

  • What were the policies of the National Assembly toward the Catholic Church?  How did these policies revolutionize church-state relationships throughout France and the rest of Western Europe?

  • What were the consequences of the government policy of selling church lands and issuing assignats?

  • What was the reaction of the various European governments to the revolutionary events in France?

  • How did the Brunswick Manifesto affect developments in France?

  • Why did the Legislative Assembly disappear and a new National Convention emerge?

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