Night Essay Questions And Answers

1. Describe the relationship between Moshe the Beadle and Wiesel.

Wiesel met Moshe the Beadle at the synagogue where Moshe worked. Wiesel was looking for someone to help him continue his studies of Kabbalah. Moshe became his teacher and spiritual guide.

2. Several months after Moshe the Beadle and the other foreign Jews were deported, what did the people of Sighet believe about the lives of the deportees?

The people of Sighet believed those who were deported are comfortable working and living in new surroundings. They thought that the deportees had simply been taken to another place to live and make new lives.

3. What happened to Moshe and his companions who were deported?

Moshe and his companions were taken by train to Poland. There the train was taken over by the Gestapo. The Jews were ordered to get off and get on trucks. At a forest everyone was made to get off the trucks and dig trenches. Once the trenches were completed, Then the Jews were shot and fell into the trench.

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This test would be suitable for any honors level, advanced, or AP English class. The test consists of five short answer and one essay question. You could also use the questions for either small-group or whole-class final discussion of the book--a great way to reinforce whatever comes out in the discussion and a test of both collaboration and listening skills. It would also work well as an open-book test.

To add some flexibility, I have not predetermined a set number of points for each question, though you would most likely assign more points to the final essay. You might consider something like 5 points each for the short answers and maybe 20 for the essay.

Regarding the final essay prompt: I've provided a short passage from the book, that students are asked to analyze in terms of Wiesel's purpose and rhetorical strategy. If you have covered writing techniques like diction, tone, and imagery, your students will be ready to tackle this prompt, one which is modeled on the typical prompt they would find on the AP English exam--either the Language and Comp or Literature test--that many of them will take in the spring. If you haven't covered rhetorical strategy/these terms yet, you could make that a part of the study of this book. This test, then, would be a good follow-up to that study and would also help prepare your students for their AP English test. Even if your students are not taking either of those tests, they would still benefit, since the prompts I provide will challenge your students to think critically: to explain, to analyze, to evaluate.

I've included an answer key. Of course there will be a wide range of acceptable responses; nonetheless, I thought a guide might prove helpful. The long essay response I provide would also make a good model that you could share with your students after the test, giving them some insight into what an acceptable response might look like.

Thanks for considering Tim's Tool Box.

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